‘Are you someone who is upset that the carry-a-boombox-with-you-no-matter-where-you-go craze isn’t as common as it once was? Well The Retro Boombox Music Player for iPad is bringing that back, and their classic design is light enough to increase the number of places to which you can carry your boombox. The Retro Boombox can play any music in your iTunes library, tracks you’ve recorded through the boombox, and AM/FM radio (U.S., UK, Australia) stations. Its design is detailed and clean. All dials and switches are interactive, and there’s even a movable antenna and handle. Additional features include: custom preset bass equalizer, unique LCD screen display, auto organization of albums, artists, and genres, ability to swipe clockwise and counter-clockwise through AM/FM frequencies.

This app is so realistic, John Cusack had better look out…
Tunecore, Nov 2011

‘Unlike other boombox apps we’ve seen, this one delivers more than just a pretty skin of your usual music app. In addition to playing all the music on your iPad, it adds the ability to play hundreds of AM/FM radio streams based on your location (Australia, US, and UK only) and lets you record your freestyling as voice recordings. But it’s the details that really count: moveable antenna and handle; speakers that move; bass presets; and dials, switches and lights that actually do stuff’.

‘OMG Old Skool to the extreme…’
Ben Harris, Sydney

‘At last a complete everyday music solution for my iPad’
Dan Alfred, Sydney!

‘For my first app I wanted to do something amazing, cool and most importantly in demand. Me and my amazing coder, Egor the Great have created what we feel to be just that. The best thing of this app is the attention to fine detail and the ‘retroness’ which techology lacks in this day in age, everything is so clincal. Hope you like it as much as we love playing with it, remember open to suggestions to improve it so stay tuned and in touch’
Jay, Designer and Owner @retroboomboxapp